Frequently Asked Questions

How much do our cakes cost? 

Each of our cakes are indivually priced based on the size, ingredients and decoration. Without knowing exactly what style of cake you are looking for, it's hard to say how much it will cost. 

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver something for every budget and event. So if you are unsure on a design, we can match your order to your budget. Feel free to message so we can discuss this further. 

Do we make allegen free cakes? 

Here at Lynn's Cakeaway we can and will make allegen free cakes but we cannot guarantee that your order will not contain traces of allergens. This is due to the volume of orders we have leaving our kitchen.

If you are buying for someone with a severe allergy we would try our upmost to avoid cross contamination but would advise you looking for a specialist bakery. 

Will we donate to raffles?

We believe in paying it forward and love to help charities and clubs with their fundraising. Unfortunately, as a small family run business we have a tiny budget for raffle prizes. Therefore, we leave it up to our children to pick the causes we donate to. Although we appreciate you taking the time to message us with requests, much of the time we will be unable to help.

Can you make this exact cake? (along with a picture from google)

It would be morally wrong to make exactly the same cake as another baker. It would be like making an extact copy of a painting from another artist and passing it off as your own idea. 

We can use your pictures for inspiration though, and will happily make something in a similar style.

How do you do it?

With many years experience, we have built up a good knowledge of everything cake.... but the good news is we are happy to share what we know. We upload regular tutorials to our YouTube channel. We would love if you have the confidence to give one a go.